Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds Information

How Can I Be Released From Jail?

If you have been arrested, and need to get released, you can use the services of your local Bail Bonds company. Trust Alda Pauline's Bail Bonds to get you back to your life and family quickly.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond, or "surety bond", is a contractual agreement guaranteed by a state licensed bail bonds agent and guarantees that full payment will be received by the courts if the defendant fails to appear.

What is the Premium Rate?

Premium rates vary from state to state, based on statutes. Typically the premium is 10%, but some agents can charge 8%. No credit check and affordable payment plans make posting a bail easy and quick.

What Can I Use As Collateral?

The most common type of collateral accepted to secure a bail bond is real estate. However, other forms are collateral may also be accepted, such as stocks, bonds and bank accounts. Call 970-351-6734 for a list of acceptable collateral.